7 business stakeholders you should absolutely hate

After my last practical post, I am back this time with another concept I want to share. In this post, I want to discuss an unpopular subject and to present a list of 7 business stakeholders you should absolutely hate. Based on my experience, positivity is overrated in business. The best entrepreneurs I met, were extremely sensitive when it came to their business. You might have a vision of an ideal corporate CEO, sitting with his poker face while being put under pressure by his competitors or anyone else who wants to burn his business. Forget about it. Start using your feelings, even if your cool by nature. HATE your competitors, pray for the failure of the people who thought your business is a joke, and love everyone who is beneficial to your business, until the moment they aren’t anymore. I’ve learnt that by becoming an emotional entrepreneur, I’ve managed to better connect to my business. This connection was crucial, as it enabled me to viciously protect it from anyone who tried to crush us, to negotiate with us or to fool us. When an employee, a business associate or even my banker had given my business with great value, I loved them, truly, and they all felt it and respected it. I took them to a fancy restaurants and told them about the bright future we’re all going to have. When an employee left the company out of the blue, I went back and hated him, with all my heart. I wasn’t cool about it, and didn’t wished him best of luck in his future adventures. You want this soft millennial coward business attitude in your life? Go and follow some Linkedin influencers who truly believes that the good guys finish first. They are wrong.

If he is bad for your business, hate him
Do you hate enough?

Here’s a list of 7 business stakeholders you should absolutely hate:

  1. Your competitors – They are the number one individuals you should truly hate, personally. Let’s have a small test. Think about the number one competitor of your business. Now think about this competitor’s CEO. What feelings are rising when you think of him or her? If it’s not pure hate, mixed with irrational and mean wishes, you need to question whether your heart is in the right place. You should absolutely despise him. It will make you a more vicious and more competitive business man, as you will be playing with your heart and ego and not only with your pockets in mind.
  2. The government – Publicly, never show any negative feelings or thoughts about the government, that’s just calling for problems. But deep inside your heart, you should always remember that the government is your passive partner. It doesn’t do anything, but it gets most of your profits. Hating the government, and specifically the tax authorities, will help you be more ruthless when doing your tax planning. Paying taxes is the worst thing in business, and every cent you will keep to yourself is holy.
  3. Bad employees – I can’t stand them. There 2 sorts of bad employees – Good and cocky employees which delivers, but they think that they are so good and irreplaceable, and they visit your room once a week for a pay rise. Eventually they get so desperate with you, so they resign and try to build their own shop or move to your competitors after a few months. Their ROI is negative, and they are toxic. I HATE THEM. The second kind are the “Interview Champions” who survives purely due to their interviewing skills. They practice for months for job interviews and leave great impression. Once they’re in, it takes a few months until you realize that they are useless. Both kinds are disgusting, but the first is the one I hate the most. But I am sure that there are more kinds of bad employees, and they are all deserve the same thing – A long career as a McDonald’s cashier.
  4. Your bank –  Your Bank is always smarter than you. When you just start, you will ask yourself hoe the hell are they making money with those commissions. Once you succeed, you’ll ask yourself how the hell these institutions still relevant and why Silicon Valley didn’t invent a free, ad-based substitute. While you need your banker to love you, always secretly hate him, and never trust him.
  5. Your suppliers – They will send you low quality inventory, add 10% to the invoice and hope you wouldn’t notice and try to up-sell even if you’re going out of business. Never forget to hate your supplier!
  6. Bad clients – There’s need to be a special place in hell for bad clients. When you’re small, they will pay on a net 240 basis, and once you will become successful, they will threat to write bad reviews online. Every client can be a bad client. You should always live your good clients, but remember one thing, every good client becomes a bad client at one point.
  7. Outsource employees – From Mumbai to Kiev, there are endless outsource employees who are looking to make their lives better with some western capital. They will open 3 fake accounts and make you believe that 3 people are working at all times on your projects, or they will work on other client’s projects while they’re on a full time contract with you. While outsource teams can save money, never forget to hate the scammers that take advantage of the remote obstacles.

This was a list of 7 business stakeholders you should absolutely hate. I hope that once again, I’ve managed to shed light on the truth, and not the garbage that you hear on TED.

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